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Y-You don’t mean that… You can’t mean that!

Asch that isn’t funny!

Don’t like what I said, brother?

Then go change it. Until then, my voice is clear. You are a weakling, in your state. The sooner you get over the fact that we are gone, the better. 

We’re your family, Luke. We don’t want to see you so weak and disabled. If you’re a red, then prove it. Prove your worth. 


You did not just seriously call me a whelp…

So what the hell do you want me to do then? How did you expect for me to react? I wake up and everyone is dead. You, the oh so ‘strong’ and ‘favorable’ one, was shot down. Mom and dad, slaughtered. Every single one from our flight, nothing but bones now. I’m not allowed to be sad? Scared? Grieve?

Even in your death I still can’t live up to your obscenely high standards.

"If you call my "standards" high, then I am even more disappointed in you. I never said you werent allowed to grieve. Not allowing you to grieve would be inhumane. No, I expect you to grieve and get over it. You speak of claiming your own life as if it’s something you can just throw away, only because you’re having trouble to adapt to new surroundings. You’re being a child, Luke. It’s disgusting. 

Mother and father would roll over in the ground if they knew how you were acting. If you feel as though you are so alone, and refuse to even try being happy, then fine. Run away like you always did. Just know that youre not only running away, but bringing dishonor to yourself. 

You are no Red. 


Di-dishonor?! Forget about your stupid honor and actually think for a moment here! 

You tricked me, lied to me, and then abandoned me! I heard that promise that you made, that you’d come back for me but you didn’t. You went ahead and got yourself shot. You left me there trapped, all alone, for five thousand years. Getting to find out from a green that my entire family had been murdered was complete hell. I don’t care about dying a fool, or being shot down by a lowly elf, or getting to live on with this so called ‘second chance’. I care about YOU, and mother, and father, and hell, even Natalia because she’s so damn important to you. I have NO ONE here. I. am. alone. No one. I also have no purpose here. No one has use for an outdated, ‘violence seeking’ red except for, wait for it, hunters. My gods- I was seriously considering suicide because I couldn’t stand the loneliness, Asch!

Alone? Don’t you dare give me that “alone” thing you try to pull.

If you are going to act so immature, then freezing you was the best thing I could have ever done. You’re young, careless, selfish, and you think you are so alone when you are surrounded by people who want to care about you. You didn’t leave your den 5000 years ago like a shut in, and now you cant even reach out to others because you refuse to see past your own inability to accept that you can be happy without the same four people in your life.  I thought father had raised you better, but you are no more than a whelp just hatched from its egg. 


Save? You forced me into the future by 5000 years where our entire kind has been long since dead and the other clans have been forced into hiding to avoid war.  Not only that- you knew that mom and dad had been slaughtered and failed to tell me, AND you didn’t keep your promise and come back for me. I would rather have died a warrior’s death with you on the battlefield than be all alone in this horrific future where I’m stuck with a hopeless half-elf mage and a flea ridden worgen chewing me out all the damn time.

You would have rather I let you die? Do you realize how fast you would have gone? Luke, I did what I did because I cared enough about you to let you live without dying by the hands of some idiotic elf without even being on the battlefield for ten minutes. You saw what they did to others, and they would have no different to you. What I did was for you to go on without dying a “warriors death”, which in your case would have been a sorry sight to see, as some elf who cant even cast properly shoots you out of the sky and doesnt even stick around to watch you fall along side with all the others. You wouldnt have died a warrior, you would have died a fool. What I did was to save you, and now you complain because you have a little bit of an annoyance? I thought you were better than that. 

You disappoint me, brother. You are truly a dishonor to have in my family.


“Say ‘Ahh’.” he then crammed the rice ball into Asch’s face, attempting to shove it into his mouth- successfully. He was hoping that he wasn’t actually choking him, but damnit it felt great to stand up for himself like this.

Asch choked down a deadly mix of rice, seaweed, and chicken, only able to keep himself from actually suffocating. Luckily, the riceballs were small enough so that Asch wasnt going to die… unless Luke decided to hurl another one down his throat. Asch struggled to move his legs or shove Luke off him, which, after he swallowed, he was successful in doing. Now that he was free and Luke was temporarily off guard from being thrown back, Asch was able to get the jump on him, pinning him down. People were staring, but Asch wasnt able to notice through his rage. 

Though, rage wasnt really a proper word for it. In fact, he almost looked like he was having fun, not that he would let Luke know that. In fact, the only indication he wasnt completely filled with anger would be that he wasnt taking his sword out.

Then again, Asch had come to learn taking his sword out in front of an audience wasnt a good idea anyways. Therefore he kept his hands on Luke’s throat. Not applying pressure until the situation called for it.


At this point Luke was in no mood to continue this argument, and he was going to get what he wanted. He moved forwards and did a low sweep to knock Asch off his feet and onto the ground where he then straddled his waist and kept him pinned down, the rice ball in hand.

“Open up. You’re going to eat this whether you want to or not.”

"Wh-!? Hey! 
Asch yelped as he fell to the ground, only to hit hard and open his eyes to see Luke, with the rice ball, looking like he was going to kill someone with it.  
"Get off me, now!"